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Create Your Own Spa

Everyone knows that a spa or night is something we would all love to do. But it can be so expensive - especially if you want to relax each week. So why not create your own!

You don't need much to make your own spa. You just need a few important items and small details and it'll change your life! Ok, well maybe not your life, but... close to it!


This one is sooooo important!!! You can't relax and have a wonderful spa experience in an ugly or unpleasing setting. That would be no fun and just will not give you the spa feel you are going for. You can do a couple of

things to create a nice place for your spa.

- Make sure the room you are in is clean.

We know, cleaning is NOT part of relaxing! But! A clean place for you to relax will make your experience so much better. You won't be tripping over things and you won't be looking at a total mess! That would totally go against the chill and relaxing vibe you are going for.

- Pull out your favorite candle

CANDLES! One thing you will always find in a spa is candles. You CAN NOT forget this step! Light as many candles as you want. This way, you can turn the lights off and have the flicker of the candle shine in your space. Plus, your room will smell amazing.

- Turn on your favorite show or playlist

This one is a bit self-explanatory. We all have that one show or song that makes us feel all comfy and warm inside. Turn it on and enjoy!


Ok, now is the fun part! You get to go shopping for your spa necessities! Here are some things you can't forget!

- Masks

Masks are a MUST! Did you know there's something called "multi-masking"? Yeah, I didn't know either until this year and it completely changed the game! I was the type of person to only use one mask at a time, but why stop there?! Grab eye masks and face masks! Put your eye mask on first, then follow it with your face mask. Double hydration for the win! You can also get feet and hand masks to share the love.

- Sweet treats

It's YOUR night! You can't have a fabulous relaxing night without treating yourself. Grab your favorite snack or drink - or both - and let the festivities begin!

- Anything else

This last part can be anything. I for one love to do my nails on my spa nights. You can do anything. Finish a puzzle, do a paint by numbers, crochet, knit, anything! Remember though, this is supposed to be a relaxing night, so be sure to do something that you love and that does not cause you any stress!


Well, have you decided what your spa night will look like? We have to remember to treat ourselves and pamper ourselves. We do so much and need time to refresh. So, what does your spa night look like?

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