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Save Money & Do It Yourself

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Everyone sees just how expensive things are getting. We can all feel it - more money is going out but the same amount is coming in. Of course, there are things we can cut back on, but treating ourselves shouldn't have to always be the first to go. Here is one way we can treat ourselves but still save money - DIY NAILS!

So, what goes into doing your nails at home? Here are a few things you'll need to get started:

Now, where can you get all of these things? I'll link some press-on nail options below for you. Thankfully, these all come with the majority of the needed supplies to adhere the nail to your natural nails.

Here are a few press-on nail options you:

These all come with nail glue, a cuticle pusher, a nail file, and false nails! You are also able to easily trim or file them down to the length and shape of your liking.

Appling Your Press On Nails

These steps will be beneficial in helping you apply your nails so that they look as natural as possible and last.

1. Size the false nails to fit your natural nails.

This may be one of the most important steps to making your press-ons look as natural as they can. You want the false nails to fit into your nail bed perfectly. This may take some filing of the edges, buffing, and some extra time, but it will definitely be worth it.

If you can't find a nail that fits perfectly in your nail bed, you can use a larger one and file it down to the shape and size of your nail. After you have found all of the correct sizes, lay them out in order of the way you intend to apply them. This will be helpful to you after you apply the glue to your nail so that you do not have to go looking for the correct size.

2. Gently clean and sand your natural nails.

Your goal is to rid your nails of any excess oils and debris. This will help the false nails to better adhere to your natural nail. You will want to wash your hands and dry them completely. Use acetone or a nail buffer to buff your nails and get them ready for the nail glue.

3. Apply the glue to your natural nails.

Take your glue and apply it to your natural nail. Do this one at a time. Appy glue, place nail, apply glue, and place nail. You do not want to apply the glue to each of your nails and then start placing the false nails. That can every messy and lead to damage of the also nails.

Be sure to apply it around your cuticle area as that is where false nails tend to come alose after a while. You will want to have a thin coat of glue on your natural nail. Try not to put it on too thick.

4. Apply your false nail and shape it to your liking.

Carefully apply your false nail, starting from your cuticle. Be sure not to start from the top and slide the nail down. This can remove some of the glue and lead to the nail not adhering properly. Once you have the false nail fitted to your cuticle, slowly lay down the rest of it on the remaining part of your nail and hold pressure there for 20-30 seconds to secure it.

After securing your nail down you can trim and shape it if you like. For a more natural look, shape it into a way that your natural nails grow or usually are shaped.

5. Apply a clear top coat - OPTIONAL

This last step is optional but highly recommended. This will help to seal everything and just add that extra shine to your nail, but of course, it is not required for your nails to look amazing.

So! Are you going to try this tip out? Be sure to share your results with us if and when you do!

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