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Hello Beautiful!

These gorgeous press-on nail sets will definitely become your go-to! They are easy to apply, sturdy, and very comfortable. What's even better, they are reusable if taken off carefully and properly!

✨Your nail kit includes:
24 medium length almond shape nails
nail file
cuticle pusher
Preparation and application instructions

✨How To Apply:

1. File your natural nails to your desired length. Gently buff the top of your nails. Use the alcohol wipe to wipe away any debris and natural oil from the nail bed.

2. Apply liquid nail glue to the top of your nails. Use the glue to spread the liquid evenly. Do not over apply glue or it will run over the edge.

3.Press the artificial nail down and hold for 30 seconds. Wait at least 15 minutes for the glue to fully dry before doing any activities. Bumping the nails before the glue is dry can make the nails pop off.

Reminder: The set will also come with adhesive nail stickers which can be used as an alternative to liquid glue. The nails stickers will typically last 1-2 days. Soaking the nails in water will make the nails pop off, so it recommended to use hand sanitizer or avoid getting the sticker wet for a longer wear. Liquid glue will typically last 1-2 weeks if not 3 weeks.

Use Removal Potion for a healthy and reusable take-off.

Nails are shaped for your use and easy application, however, if you would like to shape them to your desire, simply use the nail file to do so. 
To get the best fit and most natural look on your nails, before gluing, be sure to test out each size on your nailbed. 

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